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The Amazing Diversity of Animal Eyes

Posted on: Thursday, November 09, 2017

From the eyes of eagles that can spot small, camouflaged pray miles away from them, to the eyes of elephant moths who can differentiate the colors of flowers by starlight, the diversity of the animal kingdom has led to an amazing array of different types of vision that have adapted over millennia to be perfectly suited to their different natural environments. One of the most stunning sets of eyes in nature are the incredible eyes of the mantis shrimp, which move independently from each other on stalks, unlike our human eyes which remain fixed in place and move in concert with each other. Our eyes move in concert due to our human binocular vision, in which our brains use the images from both of our eyes to judge distance and depth. The mantis shrimp, on the other hand, has three pupils in each independent eye, giving them hexnocular vision and each eye the ability to perceive depth without the aid of the other one! They are also able to experience color spectrums beyond the ability of any other animal, including humans. Please enjoy the video below to learn more about the incredible, highly specialized eyes of the mantis shrimp!

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