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Dr. Matossian and the Marco Power Forum III Event

Dr. Matossian and the Marco Power Forum III Event

Posted on: Tuesday, June 05, 2018
Author: Troy Cole

During the American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting in New Orleans, Dr. Matossian was asked by Marco Ophthalmic to participate in their Power Forum III event.

Below, you will find the entire 7-part series filmed at the event, in which Dr. Matossian and colleagues from around the world discuss advancements in wavefront technology.

Q1: How does data from Angles Alpha & Kappa, Corneal SA, Coma, pupil size, and Corneal vs. Lenticular Astigmatism improve your premium IOL selections and outcomes?

 Q2: What wavefront data do you use to select EDOF IOLs for patients?

 Q3: What are the multi-function benefits of using an integrated Wavefront Aberrometer, registered on the patient's optical center?

 Q4: How do you identify OSD in patients, and what measures are required before proceeding with surgery?

 Q5: How do we characterize and localize Astigmatisms within the optical pathway?

 Q6: How do you manage patient expectations and IOL selection?

 Q7: How do we measure OPD ROI and monetize the advanced diagnostic test regimen?

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