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Keeping Your Eyes Healthy in Hazardous Situations

Posted on: Tuesday, July 03, 2018

By: Jessica Kube, Director of Front Desk Services



Unless you work for a smaller company in a low-hazard industry, you most likely have to follow OSHA’s strict safety guidelines. These guidelines exist to reduce your risk of accidents and prevent long-term injuries from occurring if an accident does take place. 

Even if you follow all of the OSHA guidelines at work, you might not be properly protecting your eyes while at home or during sporting events. Failing to wear protective eyewear during these times could result in vision loss and permanent damage to your eyes. Let’s discuss how to keep your eyes safe during several common, day-to-day activities.

Eye Damage on the Jobsite

You might run into potential hazards every single day depending on what type of job you have. Those who work with sprays or liquids must be extremely careful whenever those chemicals come near their eyes or skin. It is also important for employees who have rigorous jobs to wear eye protection whenever possible. A single pebble or piece of glass can quickly damage the eyes or other parts of the face. 

As for those who work around chemicals, it is important to fully understand all safety procedures and guidelines established by OSHA. Companies that operate in hazardous locations are almost always required to have multiple eyewash stations or sinks. Make sure you know where they are located and how to use them.

Safety While Playing Sports

Almost every sport involves one or more moving objects that could come into contact with the face. Whether it is a baseball or even another player’s elbow, it doesn’t take much to detach the retina or scratch the cornea. 

Even if you play in a league that doesn’t require protective eyewear, you should still wear safety equipment at all times. Eye protection is especially vital while playing higher contact sports such as basketball and football. 

Home Renovations and Eye Protection

Another mistake that many people make is assuming that they aren’t going to injure their eyes while at home. Millions of people experience household injuries every year, and many of those accidents damage the eyes. You can easily injure your eyes while mowing the lawn or cleaning the kitchen with harsh chemical products. 

Wearing protective eyewear and making sure to have plenty of ventilation will drastically reduce your risk of a major injury at home. Be sure to carefully read all instructions before using any hazardous or chemical products. Seemingly innocuous cleaning products can be very dangerous in certain situations. 

Treatment Following an Emergency

Questions about eye safety? Concerned that you may have experienced an eye injury? Please contact our office immediately - (800) 708-8800 - so we can help and serve you.

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