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Improving Patient Satisfaction With Self-Service Registration

Posted on: Tuesday, July 10, 2018

By: Jessica Kube, Director of Front Desk Services



Few situations are as frustrating as walking into the doctor’s office only to find a busy receptionist or empty receptionist's desk. That is one of the reasons many office are now turning to self-service stations that allow patients to check-in or register on their own. When used correctly, this technology can improve the patient experience by adding convenience and saving time.

Making Office Visits as Efficient as Possible

Even the most experienced receptionists will find it difficult to juggle multiple responsibilities at once. With a line of visitors and the phones ringing, it is easy to get pulled in many directions. The workplace computer can also create a bottleneck - as patient information is saved to various databases or sent to different practices, multiple minutes could be wasted every hour. It is also important that the patient double-checks the information themselves to avoid data errors and discrepancies.

The Benefits of Self-Service Registration

When a patient is able to enter their own data, they will have plenty of time to look over every single piece of information. Simple requests such as changing primary care physicians or sending prescriptions to different pharmacies won’t require multiple parties. This could free hours of time for the receptionist and make the situation much less stressful for the patient. 

Some of the check-in devices can also be used to access financial information. A patient can quickly check on their deductible or figure out how much they are going to owe during their next visit. 

Studies continue to show us that processing information in a medical office takes much less time when patients input their own data. This reduction in processing time also reduces the amount of time that each patient must spend in the office. This means less time is going to be spent in the waiting room and more time will be spent fulfilling the patient’s needs. 

Recent studies have shown us that these systems can improve patient feedback and communication as well. Within a short period of time, this might drastically improve patient retention and general satisfaction. 

Technology That Everyone Is Going to Enjoy

Having one or more full-time receptionists can eat into a practice’s resources and reduce efficiency around the office. This technology allows practices to limit their number of receptionists or cross-train those professionals to fill other roles around the office. Self-service kiosks will allow healthcare professionals to interact with their patients on a much more personal level as other key roles are filled in the office. 

At Matossian Eye Associates, we want to ensure that every visit to our office is a world-class experience. Please call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our eye care specialists or learn more about all of the treatments and services that we offer.

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