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How are Dry Eyes Diagnosed?

Dry eyes can be diagnosed through a comprehensive eye examination and specialized testing. This testing may include:

  • Dry Eye Questionnaire

  • Dry Eye Diagnostic App

  • Patient history to determine any symptoms the patient is experiencing and the presence of any general health problems, medications taken, or environmental factors that may be contributing to the dry eye problem.

  • External Examination of the Eye including lid structure and blink dynamics.

    Blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction can lead to red and tender eye lid margin.

  • Evaluation of the Eyelids and Cornea using bright light and magnification.

  • Measurement of the Quantity and Quality of Tears for any abnormalities. Special dyes may be instilled in the eyes to better observe tear flow and to highlight any changes to the outer surface of the eye caused by insufficient tears.

  • External Examination of the Eye including lid structure and blink dynamics.

    Examination of cornea for evidence of Dry Eye Disease

  • Tear Osmolarity Testing for Dry Eye Disease is the only available objective test to determine the severity of Dry Eye Disease. This test measures the concentration of your tears. Matossian Eye Associates is pleased to announce that we have been certified as one of only a few practices in the tri-state area as an accredited dry eye center of excellence by Tear Lab Corporation. We are licensed to perform tear osmolarity testing.

    We take a tiny sample of tears from each eye and measure the osmolarity or concentration of the tears. The collection is painless and the analysis takes a few seconds. Once your Doctor has a measurement, s/he can design a personalized treatment plan specifically for you.

Video Title : Tear Osmolarity

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Sjögren’s Syndrome Test
Matossian Eye Associates is now able to test for Sjörgen's Syndrome through a simple test performed in our office.  Sjögren's Syndrome is one of the early hallmarks of dry eye disease, giving our physicians a unique opportunity to diagnose this disease in its very early stages.

Sjögren's Syndrome is among the most common and underdiagnosed autoimmune diseases.  It affects approximately 4 million people in the US, of which 3 million are undiagnosed.  Currently, there is an average delay of 4.7 years for patients to receive an accurate diagnosis, and patients are often diagnosed in late stages of the disease after gland degradation has taken effect. Earlier detection is important to allow time for proper management.  MEA hopes to enhance the lives of the 1 in 10 estimated Dry Eye Patients who may actually be suffering from Sjögren's Syndrome.

InflammaDry® is a cutting-edge rapid diagnostic test that is used in conjunction with other traditional modalities to help our physicians accurately identify and treat inflammatory dry eye disease.

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