Not all people are good candidates for contact lens wear. A thorough medical examination of the eye is essential before contact lens fitting can be considered. If the eye doctor determines that you are a candidate for contact lenses, then a trial fitting can be scheduled. Your glasses prescription cannot be converted into a contact lens – each person must be individually fit for their contacts.

If you have previously or are currently wearing lenses, your old contact lens specifications will be helpful. This may allow us to make adjustments to improve the fit or vision without starting from scratch.

If a complete contact lens fitting is needed, please realize that this can be time consuming. Our doctors are dedicated to making certain that each patient is fit with the best lens for their eye, helping to assure the highest likelihood of good vision and comfort. Trial lens fitting may take 1 to 2 hours.


When your lenses are dispensed, you will be instructed on lens insertion, removal and care. A wearing schedule is provided and follow-up visits are scheduled. Proper contact lens care is imperative. Infection may occur even in the best of circumstances, but careful adherence to the cleaning/disinfection regimen will minimize the likelihood of problems. Lenses are fragile and easily ruined by improper or rough handling. Even when well cared for, lenses may tear or warp.

After successful contact lens wear has been established, annual or semi-annual examinations are necessary to check that the lenses continue to fit correctly, are not worn out or damaged, and are not causing any complications to the eye. We will send you a reminder card, but it is your responsibility to adhere to the recommended follow-up appointments. Contact lens prescriptions will not be renewed without yearly examinations.


Initial fitting and follow-up appointments are provided as a package. This includes the fitting, trial lenses, instructions on care and insertion/removal, and follow-up visits during the first 3 months following delivery of the lenses. Prices vary depending upon the type of lenses, and a price list is available in our office. Because we are committed to spending as much time as needed with each contact lens patient, the following payment policies have been established:

  • Because trial fitting may take 1 to 2 hours, there is a charge if the fitting is done but no lenses are ordered.
  • When the lenses are dispensed, training in the proper use and care of the lenses requires an appointment that may take up to an hour. Patients are encouraged to schedule another training appointment if after a few days of practice they still are uncomfortable with any aspect of contact lens insertion/removal or care. Our doctors want you to feel confident in your contact lens use.
  • If either the doctor or the patient decides within 2 weeks from the time of delivery of the lenses that they are unsuitable for any reason, the patient may return the lenses and be refunded the total price paid less the fee for the fitting and training sessions.
  • A prescription for contact lenses will not be issued until the fitting and training fees have been paid in full and the patient has been seen for follow up after wearing the contact lenses daily for at least one week.
  • Lenses will not be dispensed until they are paid in full.