Comprehensive DED
Examination, Diagnosis,

Just like fingerprints, no two eyes are the same. This is why specialized advanced testing is necessary to determine the best treatment regimen to end your dry eye struggles.

At Matossian Eye Associates we understand that dry eye disease is complex and requires thorough testing and consultation to make a proper diagnosis. With dry eye evaluation protocol initially developed by Dr. Matossian at our practice, our dry eye disease testing and diagnosis protocol may include the following:

  • In depth review of the systemic health and ocular history;
  • SPEED (Standardized Patient Evaluation of Eye Dryness) Questionnaire Scoring & Interpretation.
  • External Examination of the Ocular Structure, Surfaces and Adnexa;
  • TearLab® Osmolarity Testing;
  • InflammaDry immunological testing for inflammation markers (i.e. MMP-9);
  • LipiView® II Ocular Surface Interferometery and Dynamic Meibomian Imaging™ (DMI)-Meibomography to:
    • a) Evaluate Meibomian Gland Structure
    • b) Assess Lipid Layer Thickness (LLT)
    • b) Perform Blink Pattern Analysis and Capture Blink Dynamics
  • Ocular Surface Cytological Testing (Lissamine Green, Fluorescein etc.);
  • Corneal Sensitivity (Esthesiometry) Testing