In basic terms, glaucoma is a condition that increases pressure within the eye. The pressure increases over time, resulting in a gradual loss of eyesight. If glaucoma is not addressed in a timely manner, damage to the eye (and the resulting loss of vision) can become permanent.

What is the OMNI® Glaucoma Treatment System?

The OMNI Glaucoma Treatment System is a new technology available through a limited number of eye doctors. This technology is the only device that utilizes and combines two of the well-established, micro-invasive glaucoma surgery procedures. 

Thanks to this technology, a person with glaucoma can be treated with a single surgical device that requires only one, tiny incision in the cornea to treat glaucoma. In simple terms, the OMNI Glaucoma Treatment System provides a means through which eye doctors can comprehensively address the needs of a patient with glaucoma.

How does the OMNI Glaucoma Treatment System Work?

From a truly technical standpoint, the OMNI Glaucoma Treatment System is designed for the catheterization and transluminal viscodilation of Schlemm’s canal. In addition, the OMNI Glaucoma Treatment System also cuts the trabecular meshwork within the eye. The net effect of these two processes is to reduce intraocular pressure.

Admittedly this is a complicated, technical explanation. To simplify it a bit: the OMNI Glaucoma Treatment System does two important things through one process. These processes relieve the pressure within the eye, which is at the heart of glaucoma damage. In other words, it is designed to resolve a person’s glaucoma and prevent further deterioration of an individual’s vision. 

Unique Benefits of the OMNI Glaucoma Treatment System

In addition to being an effective treatment generally, a person with glaucoma garners other benefits through the OMNI Glaucoma Treatment System. Chief among these benefits is that only one small incision is needed for this procedure. Because the incision is so small, sutures are not needed when the procedure is completed, which accelerates the healing process.

Another benefit of the OMNI Glaucoma Treatment System is that it can be performed at the same time as cataract surgery. This allows a patient to treat glaucoma and the cataract in one outpatient session.

As mentioned previously, glaucoma is best addressed when it is treated early. The surest way to protect your vision and overall eye health is to schedule regular, timely eye exam appointments. You can schedule a glaucoma screening today by contacting an eye doctor at Matossian Eye Associates, (800) 708-8800, or online here. If you’ve not done so recently, you can also schedule a general eye care appointment as well.