Presbyopia CorrectionThe natural lens inside the human eye has the ability to adjust focus from distant to near objects, a process known as accommodation. This is accomplished by contraction and relaxation of the ciliary muscle inside the eye. The natural lens becomes thinner or thicker and this allows it to focus at different distances. Unfortunately, humans start losing this ability to change focus in their 40s. This results in difficulty focusing on near objects and in practical terms it translates to difficulty reading small print. The simple solution to this problem is reading glasses, however a new technology, KAMRA, offers the ability to focus on near objects without glasses.

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Our goal at Matossian Eye Associates (MEA) is to provide our patients with the highest quality eye care. We ensure this by keeping current with the latest advances in ophthalmic surgical techniques. We offer the newest technologies in intraocular lens implants for cataract surgery.

Premium Lens Implant Procedure

Diagram of Lens Implant Procedure

The ultimate goal, for many years with cataract surgery, was to simply restore lost vision that was created by the cataract. However today, with new technology lens implants, cataract treatment has moved beyond just restoring vision loss. Today’s lens implants offer better functional vision and the ability to reduce dependency on glasses for everyday visual tasks such as reading, working on a computer, driving at night or playing golf.

Life-changing results in minutes

Whichever IOL you choose, rest assured cataract surgery is one of the safest and most effective procedures performed today. We simply make a tiny incision in your eye, remove its natural clouded lens, and replace it with a new lens. The actual surgery can take minutes and the results are permanent and life-changing. Most patients are back to their normal activity the very next day. Your eye doctor will implant the lens in one eye at a time.