With summertime upon us, you’ll likely find yourself spending more time outdoors. As a result, you need to keep your eyes safe from harmful UV rays. There are four tips to bear in mind when it comes to enhancing protection against UV rays for your eyes this summer. 

Wear Sunglasses with Appropriate Lenses

A key step to take to keep your eyes safe when enjoying the outdoors in the summer, and year-round for that matter, is to select sunglasses that come complete with the right lenses. You need to select high-quality sunglasses that provide adequate protection against UV rays. If you need prescription sunglasses, experienced eye doctors can assist you in selecting the best lenses to protect your eye during the summer.

Understand When the Sun is Strongest

There are some myths associated with when the sun is strongest. For example, many people incorrectly believe that the sun is strongest at noon. In fact, during the summer, the sun is strongest at mid-morning and mid-afternoon. If you will be outside at these times, optimal eye care calls for the highest UV protection.

Wear the Right Contact Lenses

If you wear contacts as opposed to glasses, your immediate inclination is likely to buy sunglasses along with your contact lenses. If that is the case, you need to make certain that you obtain over-the-counter sunglasses that provide proper UV protection.

What you might not have known is that you can select contact lenses in the first place that provide protection against harmful UV rays. Contact lenses that provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays come in two forms. Class I UV-blockers are contact lenses that provide the greatest measure of UV protection. An eye doctor can assist you in finding the best eye contact lenses to protect against UV rays in the summer and throughout the year

Clouds Don’t Block UV Rays

We spoke about summertime myths a moment ago. Another myth is that clouds protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. In fact, they do not. Merely because it is cloudy or hazy outside doesn’t mean you can abandon your eye protection strategies. If you will be outside on a cloudy day, use your sunglasses and pay attention to the amount of time you spend outdoors.

If you have questions about eye care during the summertime or are in need of a routine exam or an update to your glasses or contacts prescription, the knowledgeable eye doctors at Matossian Eye Associates are here for you. You can schedule an appointment with one of our eye doctors any time that that is convenient for you by calling us at (800) 708-8800.