Smartphones have become invaluable parts of everyday life for a majority of people. These devices are not only vital for communication but are used for shopping, entertainment, and information. Indeed, your smartphone can now be a useful tool to help you with your essential eye care thanks to some useful applications.


EyeXam is an app designed to test your vision using the 20/20 benchmark. This smartphone app includes additional tests for astigmatism, eye dominance, and color perception. EyeXam is highly user-friendly and provides the ability to undertake basic eye tests quickly with a decent level of accuracy.

Amsler Grid App

The Amsler Grid App was created to assist you in testing and monitoring possible vision changes related to macular degeneration. The app can also be used to monitor other types of distortion in your vision field associated with damage to the macula. People diagnosed with the early stages of macular degeneration are advised to monitor their condition. Amsler Grid App is a user-friendly tool that can assist in this regard.

Dry Eye Questionnaire

Ideally used in conjunction with eye doctors, Dry Eye Questionnaire is an app that uses a dozen questions to aid in determining if a person has chronic dry eye. Theoretically, you can use this app on your own for informational purposes. Best results are obtained by responding the questions presented in the app in conjunction with a professional consult.

Contact Lens Tracker

Contact Lens Tracker is a smartphone app that tracks the expiration and replacement dates for contact lenses. Comprehensive eye care depends upon ensuring you use fresh contact lenses, and this app is designed to help keep you on track.

Polaroid UV

Protecting your eyes from UV rays is important. The Polaroid UV app alerts you of the UV index at your location.

Magnifying Glass

If you’re like many people, you may need some additional help to read items or to clearly see things at near distances. This may be the case even if you wear glasses or contact lenses. Magnifying Glass is a smartphone app that can give you a boost in this regard. With this app on your phone, you point your phone at an object and it “magnifies” on your screen.

NantMobile Money Reader

NantMobile Money Reader is designed for individuals with some type of vision impairment. This app uses a smartphone’s camera and identifies currency value and reports it audibly to the user.

ColorBlind Helper

This app assists individuals with color deficiencies, oftentimes called color blindness. With ColorBlind Helper, you point your smartphone at an object and the app displays the name of the color in question.


Cigarette smoking is harmful to a person on many levels, including when it comes to eye health. QuitNow! is a smartphone app designed to motivate a person to quit smoking. The app lets you know things like the last time you smoked, how many cigarettes you avoided, and the amount of money saved by avoiding cigarettes.

These smartphone apps can be helpful. Nonetheless, nothing takes the place of regular appointments with eye doctors for appropriate eye exams. You can schedule an appointment by calling Matossian Eye Associates at (800) 708-8800 or visiting our appointment request form online.