Seasonal and other types of allergies can prove to be highly uncomfortable for millions of Americans. From runny noses to watery, itchy eyes, allergy season can prove to be virtually unbearable. 

This oftentimes particularly proves to be the case if a person is a contact lens wearer. The stark reality is that while taking antihistamines and other allergy meds may provide a bit of relief, the level of eye discomfort associated with seasonal allergies can prove to be so significant that it impairs a person’s ability to effectively get through the day.

In recent months, medical journals have reported the positive results of studies associated with contact lenses infused with antihistamines. These products are designed to provide relief from seasonal and other types of eye allergies, including those caused by pet dander.

Moving Eye Drop Treatment Into a New Era

In addition to taking allergy pills, a common treatment for eye allergies is the use of drops. Typically, eye drops designed to relieve the symptoms of allergies contain what medically is known as “antihistamine ketotifen.”

Researchers at one of the nation’s leading pharmaceutical companies developed a product in the form of a single-use contact lens that contains antihistamine ketotifen. The pharmaceutical company undertook two clinical trials of the new contact lens product infused with antihistamine. The studies involved a grand total of 244 participants who suffered from different types of common allergies, including:

  • Grass
  • Trees
  • Ragweed
  • Cat Hair
  • Pet Dander

The research cohort was divided equally into a trio of groups:

  • Group 1 wore an antihistamine lens in one eye and a placebo in the other
  • Group 2 wore two antihistamine lenses
  • Group 3 wore two placebo lenses

At the conclusion of the comprehensive study, the eyes of those individuals provided with a lens containing the antihistamine reported any itchiness and some other allergy symptoms more than three-times less often than was the case of individuals provided a placebo lens or lenses.

The antihistamine lenses are not yet on the market and there isn’t a certain date when this might occur. In the interim, any contact lens-wearing allergy sufferer is wise to bear in mind that an eye doctor can provide a person with different alternatives to reduce allergy symptoms of different types. In other words, a person with allergy issues isn’t consigned to ditching contact lenses when symptoms flare.

Seek Professional Help to Combat Your Eye Allergies

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