A considerable amount of attention has been paid to the problem of dry eye in recent years. This has included media reports of different types. With that background, in the past year, a major member of the media shared her own heartbreaking experience with dry eyes. Shannon Bream, a popular anchor on a major television news network, opened up about her traumatic two-year struggle with extreme eye pain arising from dry eyes.

Dry Eye Led News Anchor to Contemplate Suicide

Shannon Bream was hit with her overwhelming symptoms of dry eyes out of the blue. She initially experienced horrific symptoms of dry eyes in the middle of the night. She explained that she woke up and felt as if someone was stabbing her in her eyes.

In Bream’s case, she primarily experienced the symptoms associated with dry eyes when she tried to sleep. The unbridled pain occurred if she fell asleep for more than an hour or two. This forced her to wake up every couple of hours throughout the night and administer eye drops in what proved to be a vain attempt to try and control the pain.

She sought assistance from her primary care physician and some eye doctors who evidently were not well-versed on different treatment options available that can aid in reducing even the fiercest symptoms associated with dry eyes. Ultimately, she confided to her husband that she simply couldn’t go on dealing with the horrific pain and tremendous lack of sleep caused by her dry eyes condition.

Ultimately, Bream connected with an eye doctor who developed a comprehensive course of action that addressed the symptoms associated with her dry eyes. The eye doctor did diagnose Bream with an eye condition that could not be cured but effectively could be treated in a way that prevented it from progressing. Moreover, the eye doctor worked closely with Bream to develop a comprehensive treatment regimen which resulted in the television news anchor experiencing relief from dry eye for the first time in years.

Seek Professional Assistance if You Suffer from Dry Eyes

If you suffer from dry eyes, the experiences of Shannon Bream and thousands of other people demonstrate that you are not alone. The best course of action to take if you find yourself suffering from symptoms of dry eyes is to take a truly proactive approach and schedule an appointment with one of the experienced, tenacious eye doctors at Matossian Eye Associates. 

When you visit Matossian Eye Associates, you will find dry eye specialists who offer a number of advanced dry eye treatment options. They will work with you to identify the root cause of your dry eye and create a comprehensive treatment plan to reduce your symptoms and address the disease at its root cause.
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