TRANSCRIPTION: This is Cynthia Matossian of Matossian Eye Associates. One of the hottest topics in ophthalmology right now is us as surgeons trying to figure out how to minimize the eyedrop burden for our patients, post-operatively. Patients view these drops as annoying, as confusing, and the caregivers resent having a schedule to follow that may interfere with their daily activities.

Therefore, we as surgeons now have wonderful opportunities to take control and enhance compliance at the same time. We have DEXYCU, which is a dexamethasone suspension, which we can place into the eye under the iris at the conclusion of cataract surgery. We also have Dextenza, which is a dexamethasone intracanalicular implant, which can be inserted into the inferior punctum, also at the conclusion of cataract surgery.

Both of these take control back from the patient to the surgeon, reduce the drops and deliver a steroid over 30 days and a tapering measure mimicking or mirroring what we do with our normal taper schedule, delivering more steroids initially and less steroids over the 30-day period. So we have two great options for us to use to make the cataract journey more pleasant for every one of our patients.

Video Credit: Bullseye Media