The American Academy of Ophthalmology designated April as Sports Eye Safety Awareness Month to remind people to take appropriate steps to protect their eyes when engaged in sports and other recreation activities. These include wearing appropriate protective eyewear as well as having regular eye care appointments with experienced eye doctors.

An alarming number of people suffer serious sports-related eye injuries every year. More than 42,000 emergency room visits occur annually because of eye injuries arising from sports and other recreational activities. That equates to about one sport or recreational eye injury emergency department admission every 13 minutes.

There are a number of crucial steps and practices to follow in order to optimize eye safety when engaged in sports and recreational activities of different types. These eye safety strategies are designed to protect the sight of adults and children alike.

As mentioned a moment ago, wearing appropriate protective eyewear is a crucial element of protecting your eyes when engaged in sports or different types of recreational activities. You need to bear in mind that standard eyeglasses often do not provide the level of protection needed when engaging in recreational activities and sports.

Keep in mind that protective eyewear is designed for different types of sports and recreational activities. In addition to recognizing that prescription eyeglasses aren’t designed for eye protection and safety, you must make sure that you utilize protective options designed for a specific sport or recreational activity. You also want to make certain that safety eyewear is age-appropriate. For example, children should not be force-fitted with protective eyewear designed for adults.

With that said, protective eyewear alone is not the only method through which you can protect your eyes and vision when participating in sports and recreational activities. For example, a person playing hockey needs far more than protective goggles. Appropriate eye protection in this sport demands a helmet and face shield in order to provide comprehensive protection. As another example, children involved in youth baseball or softball should be provided batting helmets with polycarbonate face shields.

Another key to maintaining optimal eye health is to schedule an annual eye exam. You can schedule an eye exam with one of the experienced eye doctors at Matossian Eye Associates by calling (800) 708-8800 or requesting an appointment on our website. We can schedule an appointment at any time that is convenient for you. We can also assist you in making decisions regarding the best eye safety equipment for the sporting or recreational activities you and your family enjoy.