Although we deal with a broad variety of different eye issues here at Matossian Eye Associates, glaucoma is one of the most common conditions we treat for our patients. Because it affects so many people, when a new treatment is developed that could potentially help thousands of patients, it causes a great deal of excitement within the practice.

The XEN stent is one such breakthrough method for glaucoma treatment.

What Are the Benefits of the XEN Stent?

The XEN Stent has the advantage of being minimally invasive, and the procedure aims to reduce pressure in the eye. Another benefit of this procedure is that it can be done independently or in conjunction with cataract surgery, depending on the situation of the individual.

This new procedure is a great alternative to laser treatment and medications when those options are not sufficient for the patient’s condition. I have used the XEN stent on a number of different occasions with great success. In my experience, it is very well tolerated by patients and has proven to be an excellent alternative option to the much more invasive glaucoma surgery.

How Long Does The XEN Stent Procedure Take From Start To Finish?

Patients understandably can get nervous about any procedure, particularly those involving their eyes, but this procedure is very quick and straightforward. In fact, the entire procedure from start to finish takes about 20 minutes, and it is performed under topical anesthesia.

Your Next Steps

If you have any concerns about glaucoma and how you are coping with it, then schedule your appointment at Matossian Eye Associates. The quicker we can deal with any problems you are having, the more treatment options are available to you. The critical point to remember is that these issues are very unlikely to resolve themselves, so please don’t suffer in silence. Come in and discuss the situation with our team now, and let’s decide the best course of action for your Glaucoma.