Over the course of the past year, a considerable amount of medical and media attention has been paid to investigating the effects of vaping on an individual’s lungs. An ever-increasing number of people are experiencing seriously negative lung issues associated with vaping. The reality is that vaping not only presents a risk to a vaper’s lungs. Recent data reveals that vaping can also damage a person’s eyes in a number of different ways.

Recent Research Studies on the Impact of Vaping on Eyes and Vision

Two recent studies have revealed that vaping appears to cause some seriously negative consequences when it comes to eye health and vision. In one of these studies, published in the Journal of Optometry and Vision Science, researchers discovered that vaping can result in severe dry eye. Dry eye can develop into a chronic condition in which a person fails to produce enough tears to keep eyes lubricated properly. The end result of chronic dry eye can be persistent pain and vision problems. Simply, chronic dry eye resulting from vaping is not something that can be shrugged off.

An earlier research study on vaping and its impact on eye health and vision focused on the controversial flavor additives included in vape fluid. These additives are comprised of chemicals that were determined to cause what medically is known as oxidative stress. According to a report on this study in the Journal of Frontiers in Physiology, oxidative stress is regarded as a key factor in the development of different types of chronic diseases and inflammation. Following this important study, the American Optometric Association announced that both oxidative stress and associated inflammation can cause serious eye health issues and negatively impact a person’s vision.

If Your Vape and Want to Protect Your Eyes — Stop

Some people gave up smoking traditional cigarettes in favor of vaping. In addition, some people who never smoked took up vaping. This second category includes a startling number of people in high school and even middle school who vape regularly and are under the misperception that it is entirely safe.

The stark reality is that vaping is being demonstrated as not healthy. Over 1,000 people are reported to have died to date as the result of a lung ailment tied to vaping. A yet unknown number of people, young and old, are experiencing eye health and vision problems that are now believed to be connected to vaping. The fact is that because research is in its early stages, we don’t yet fully understand if these eye health issues and vision problems may prove chronic or permanent for some individuals.

Professional Eye Care is a Must

If you’ve vaped in the past or continue to do so today, you’re wise to see an eye doctor for an eye care exam. This particularly is the case if you’re experiencing some of the symptoms described a moment ago, including dry eye and vision issues.

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